Jamie Connor log – New media publishing

17 Oct

17th October 2013

As part of the sport media team PitchsideUOC, I have conducted market research online in order to find the best route to take in producing a successful podcast and website. As a group we took into account various avenues that our project could take. After much discussion we decided we wanted to create a sports podcast and website to host it. As well as a podcast, we agreed that our website would contain numerous articles from each individual within the group and this would be updated several times per week.

Once our research began we discovered that creating a website was not as convenient as we initially thought it would be. With no one in our team competent enough at website design, we had to find someone who could make a website for us. We decided that the informer.cumbria.ac.uk is going to host our website and we will have a link which will direct people straight to our own website. Along with our own website, we will be uploading articles into the sport section of the informer.cumbria.ac.uk.

After looking at a number of sport websites we came up with a rough idea of what we wanted our site to look like. We thought about our audience and what they would want to see when they look at our website. We thought about how we were going to cover so many different sports adequately and came up with a solution; social media would be a platform for us to discuss general sporting events and this would also help build up a strong online presence for our project.

The main aim of our market research was to see if there was a need for a website like this. Although there is already an incredible amount of sports sites and blogs, there was no evidence of there being a Cumbrian based website and podcast. Once we discovered that there was in-fact a gap in the market, we knew that we had a solid idea and so we began expanding on our initial thoughts.

As a group we looked a number of websites such as talksprt, BBC, football ramble and sky sports so that we could examine the type of website we wanted. The main part of our project was initially the podcast but after researching further I think that the emphasis has now changed slightly. There now seems to be more importance being put onto the actual website and we have acknowledged that content on the site will have to be updated quite frequently.

Overall, I think the research conducted so far has been highly beneficial because we learned a lot about what our audience want and what they need from us. We discovered several stumbling blocks and we created different avenues to take which I think will make our final project even better. The fact that we are making a full website not only excites me, but encourages me that any problem we may encounter, we have the adequate skills to overcome any obstacles.

October 25th

Since last week we had one group meeting were we

November 4th

Last Wednesday we recorded our second show. Tom was the presenter again while myself, kevin, George and michael were on the panel. We discussed relevent sporting topics that we had researched in preperation for the show. We recorded for around 40 minutes and after editing, cut this down to 35 minutes. We used both Facebook and Twitter to promote the show so that we would get a good listenership and hopefully some feedback. As ever, we have been updating our social media sites everyday in order to gain a bigger online  following.

After the show was recorded we sat down and discussed things that went well and things that went poorly during production. We identified that other sports (not football) were not getting as much coverage. This will have to be adressed in future shows. We also noticed an improvement in the fluidity of topics. All of us seemed more confident speaking in front of a microphone which is a skill that would continue to improve as the weeks go on.

On the 3rd of November I wrote my first article for Pitchside. The article was a round up of Liverpool’s month of October where I graded each performance and gave a small analysis on each. I enjoyed writing this piece and will be putting it up on Facebook and Twitter so our followers gain view it and voice their opinion. Hopefully this starts a bit of debate on our sites (which has been lacking).

November 8th

This week we recorded our third show. Prior to recording, I researched sports news online and proposed topics to the group. We decided to speak about items such as the Irish managers job, ATP finals and goalkeeping mishaps as they have been heavily covered in the media of late. The show went well and once again there was a noticible improvement on the last show. This is something we have been very conscious of and we are pleased with the progress the group has made.

I also wrote an article for Pitchside about Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane becoming the new Irish management team. I sent the article to Harry who sub edited it and put it up on the site. Using twitter and facebook I promoted the article in the hope that it may gain Pitchside new followers. I also sub edited Kevin’s article on the new Irish management team.

November 15th

Today we recorded show number four and again we were pleased with how it went. However, we did feel that content was lacking this week and we struggled to cover a variety of topics. The podcast seemed less like a conversation this week and more informative. This is something that will have to be adressed as we do not wnt our show to be dull and boring. We have acknowledged that more research has to be done on other sports apart from football. A fellow journalism student pointed out our lack of coverage on Rugby league which showed us that we need to be more aware of whats happening in other sports. This week in our show we covered international football, tenis, boxing and small bit of cricket.

We decided that as a group we would support Sydney FC as a novelty. This is a fun way of setting our website and podcast apart. Since starting to write about Sydney FC on twitter and facebook we have noticed in increase in views from Austrailian fans. This is very encouraging for us a group as we know that people are interested in the content we are putting out there.

November 22nd

As usual, we are constantly trying to improve PitchsideUOC. We decided that each week we would post an article entitled “obscure XI’s.” This was to be done in written form with a comedic tone. I wrote about a bearded XI and Harry wrote about a bald XI. I really enjoyed this because it allowed me to have fun with my writing and this is something that I usually try to do on my own blog and its something PitchsideUOC could do with more of.

On the show this week we talked about international football, MMA, boxing and cricket. The show was quite good and we experimented by speaking less about football and more about the other sports. We recieved criticism from class mates about our lack of coverage of other sports so we feel we have addressed this issue.

November 29th

Some group members interviewed ex-player and ITV commentator, Clarke Carlisle and he performed a running commentry of the obsure XI’s. He outlined flaws in both sides and identified the strenghts each team had. He voted that my team, the bearded XI would win and we included a snippet of the interview on the podcast this week.

Tardiness has become a problem within the group. When we are meant to begin recording at 11 it doenst happen until 12. Some members are better time keepers than others and this is quite frustrating. I have spoken to the group about this so I hope things improve in the next few weeks.

Tom was unable to present the show this week so I stepped in and took his place. I was quite pleased with how this went and I felt I performed well in the role. I have experience of presenting radio shows in Ireland so this wasnt really a problem for me. Once I settled into the role the conversation flowed and group members said it was the most relaxed and conversational show we have ever done. This is what we had been aiming for so hopefully it will continue. The inclusion of the Clarke Carlisle interview only strenghtens the show. I feel that the show this week was our best. We covered the Premier League, cricket, Rugby Union and the big Froch and Groves fight.